A Whale of a Good Time

Yesterday Jay and I had the pleasure of treating Abigail to her first movie in the theater. The three of us took in much popcorn, drink and Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie.

To tell the truth, I have been watching for the release of this film for almost an entire year, because I knew it would be appropriate fare for our 3 year old. We went to a showing in a theater that had been rented out by Abigail’s preschool. The church sold tickets at cost to students and church members, so it was a great deal and a great crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a movie with such a high child to adult ratio, but these kids were delightfully well behaved.

Abigail, who is rather sensitive by nature, says she greatly enjoyed the film, and was only a little scared by the storm. “It was a really big storm” she says. Given she only asked to go home twice during the movie (once during said storm and the other when Jonah finally arrived in dreadful Ninevah) I think she really did find the whole experience quite fun. And she says she’d like to go again some time, even though the “TV was really big”.

Personally, my own enjoyment was a bit hindered by the fact that we sat so close that we were forced to look way up in order to view the screen properly. For some reason the angle messed with my equilibrium enough to cause me to feel terribly nauseous for the remainder of the day. I know…I’m a wimp. Not really. I just have issues with motion sickness!

However, I found the kiddie flick to be wonderfully fun, full of splashy musical numbers and the veggies we have grown to love. My favorite character was a newcomer to the Veggieworld, a little caterpillar/worm named Khalil, who was Jonah’s “travelling buddy”, and reminded me of the token Disney sidekicks we see in movies like Mulan where Eddie Murphy performs the voice of the little dragon who accompanies Mulan on her many adventures.

To see a couple of previews, go to the official moviesite. And then, find a friend or family member, take a couple hours and go enjoy some family-friendly film entertainment!!

Jonathan’s Explanation

I went upstairs this afternoon to get Jonathan out of his bed after his nap. As is the usual case, the entire contents of his crib were strewn about on the floor. One of his favorite pasttimes is throwing every stuffed animal, blankie, etc out of the crib. Unfortunately, today his diaper was among the discarded items on the floor. His overalls were askew, there was a wet spot on his sheet, and when I asked, “What did you do?” he said, “Diaper broken….silly!!!” and smiled sweetly.

We had been in the habit of duct-taping his diapers shut at naptime and during the night because he kept taking them off. However, we have been thinking lately that he’s moved past that little stage, and so stopped using the tape. Guess we were wrong. Back out comes the tape!!!

Why blog?

Well, here it is: my first attempt at a blog. Jay has been suggesting I try setting up a web log for several months now in order to keep friends/family updated on the goings-on around here. I do spend a decent amount of time emailing and I suppose Jay figured that a blog would be a good way to add some efficiency to my time spent. Every time he would bring up the topic of a blog I had some new reason why I did not want to pursue such an activity. Over the course of the last few months I’ve come up with quite a bunch. So, here is my top ten list of reasons why not to blog.

1. So impersonal: I like to write deep, meaningful and sensitive emails to my close friends and family.
2. No time: I cannot possibly make room for one more thing in my schedule. After all, the laundry is never folded!
3. Who will want to read it?
4. Blogs are for intellectuals with wise, earth-shattering insights they need to share with others. I am a mother to three children aged three and under; my version of intellectual stimulation is learning a new song on today’s Barney show. 😉
5. Why would I want total strangers in cyberspace to know what is going on in my life?
6. None of my friends keep blogs. (Ok, well Susan Peck took care of this one!)
7. Blogs are just generally stupid.
8. People who keep blogs update them all the time; there is no way I will be consistent enough to make frequent entries, and then my blog would look just like one more project in my life that has been left unfinished.
9. What’s with the word “blog” anyway, and who wants to be known as a “blogger”??
10. Ok, there were only nine. 😉

Despite all my misgivings, I do hope to be able to post on here from time to time. Thanks for reading!