Clean Springs

I was listening to Leviticus on the drive into work today, and made a connection of sorts. In Leviticus 11, we learn that when something unclean falls into a container, everything in the container is made unclean. Leviticus 11:36, however, makes an exception for springs and cisterns, which remain clean in spite of contact with uncleanliness.

This reminded me of John 7:38, where Jesus says, “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” We often summarize the New Testament as setting aside the ceremonial aspects of the law, including the Levitical clean/unclean laws. Interestingly, it seems that very law provides the mechanism for its obsolescence. If we are springs of living water, abounding with life, death cannot stick to us. We cannot be made unclean by something unclean contacting us.

Breaking the Silence…

I interrupt almost two months of bloggy silence to bring you an amazing fajita recipe we used tonight to finish off the leftover steak Jay grilled on Labor Day. Yes, well, for me it’s all about the food…


I sliced about a pound of leftover ribeye steak, and marinated it in this amazing concoction:

(Please note: I only had olive oil, so that is what I used. I did include lots of fresh cilantro, but had no coriander or anise; so I subbed in some oregano and cumin for fun!)

I grilled this steak up very lightly since it had already been cooked to medium rare the other day. Next to it on the grill I placed slabs of thickly sliced onion lightly brushed with a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar, which I turned several times till it was soft enough to enjoy. YUM!

We ate it the steak and onions on tortillas with guac, a bit of melted butter, salsa, cheese and sour cream. Oh it was heavenly…and almost (not quite but almost!) as good as….Pappasitos!! And you know how much I LOVE Pappasitos. Sadly, old Pappa is not in my budget these days so I am thankful to have found such a wonderful fajita marinade for those times when I get a craving!!

I will make no promises about future faithfulness to this poor neglected blog. My computer has been a mess for a couple months now, and life has gotten pretty busy in the past few weeks with the start of another year of homeschooling, some major moving around and changing up of rooms in our casa, a new job for hubby, etc.  Things are full, but very good.

Well, until I grace this page with my presence again….May all your fajitas be tasty fajitas!! And now, I am off to read Paddington to my little group of sleepy-headed children.