A Momentous Day….

Fourteen years ago this evening, Jay took me on a memorable date: we went to supper at our favorite little Italian restaurant in Houston, and then he proposed to me before dessert was served. He even wrote his own dessert menu for the occasion, complete with poetry. It was really lovely, but his burst of creativity was sadly lost on me as I was more interested in the sweet nothings spouting from his mouth as he avowed his love for me, and then flashed a pretty diamond in my direction!

Given the anniversary of our engagement, it seems fitting for me to post a little pic of the two of us back in our early twenties. This was taken on our honeymoon in Arizona, and yes, I know: it’s almost uncanny how we haven’t aged a day since then!

Here are some more photos from our week away. They are all pre-digital, so they are not the best quality, but you can get a sense of the loveliness of us, I mean, of the Grand Canyon!!

I love you so much, Jay, and am continually thankful I said “yes!” to you fourteen years ago!!

Belated Birthday Wishes…

to our sweet, beautiful 10 year-old Abigail, who, in keeping with her personality, has not fretted once over the fact that we have not done a thing to really celebrate her January 5th birthday properly yet this year.  Oh, yes, Grammy did bring a cake to share with many extended family members last week (insert large group pic the likes of which I don’t know if we have ever taken since I joined the family 13 years ago!)

when we had Christmas celebrations aplenty, and it was very nice of her, but don’t you think a girl who turns ten should have a bit of pomp and circumstance from her immediate family?? Well, I do, and we intend to do something about it — just as soon as we are finished celebrating Christmas, and done getting sick!  A multitude of illnesses both in our family and extended family meant that several little Christmas get-togethers still have not taken place despite it being the 8th of January. We Hornes like to make our holidays last, it would seem!!

I like this photo because it accurately sums up typical birthdays for these two: here they are looking rather festive and content (yes, that is the quintessential content face for Jonathan!) in their Christmas finery. The truth of the matter is that most years on their actual birthdays, which fall exactly a week apart on either side of New Year’s, they are usually stepping back from making a big deal about them turning one year older in favor of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour alongside whichever extended family we happen to be hanging with at the time.  And they do it with a smile on their face, joy in their heart, and honestly (I’m not just being a proud Mama here!) nary a concern voiced about where their cake and presents are.

Since we all know that despite above disclaimor, I am utterly and unabashedly proud of both of them, I just wanted to say that I think it is really swell: at a time when I think I would have been more concerned with my eight or ten years’ celebration, my children wait patiently till our holiday fun is past to celebrate their special days.  Many a year we just wait until January is almost half over to have parties, whether large or small. Mostly because there isn’t time to fit yet one more celebration in around Christmas and New Year’s!!

So here is to you, Abigail, and to you, Jonathan, sweet and in this case at least, very patient children of ours. You are a joy and delight to your parents, and your whole family. We love you dearly, and intend to make a huge birthday fuss over you both….just give us a week or two so we can do it properly!!

National De-Lurking Week

This year I am getting started right at the beginning of National De-Lurking Week, so……..

It’s easy!! Just tap the little comments button, and say hello, please!! Whether you are brand new to our site, or have been visiting every single day for the past six years, humor a lady who is shut in the house taking care of sick people (yes, AGAIN, why else do you think I picked the grumpy De-Lurking button, hmmmmm???) and de-lurk!!

Thanks, Everyone! And a very Happy De-Lurking Week to you and yours!!