Gas Prices

If you are worried about the current price of gas and what it points to in the future, please take a look at this chart.

I’m not claiming I like the increase in prices, but it doesn’t necessarily portend some limitless growth in the cost of fuel.

Easter Pic

It’s hard to get 4 kiddos looking at the camera at the same time, let along all smiling, especially when some of them think the sun is “SO BRIGHT!!!”, even in the shade. But here’s our best representation of our four, taken this past Sunday after Easter worship.


We had a great Easter dinner and afternoon at Jay’s parents, despite forgetting diapers in the diaper bag for the first time in our recollection as parents! That’s in almost seven and a half years!! I’m afraid we even held up the meal a little. But…we are thankful for stores which are open, yes, even on Easter Sunday!