Remembering Diane

My Aunt Diane, the younger sister of my mother Ruth, passed away on February 13. My grandfather, Diane’s father, wrote a tribute to his daughter shortly before she died. I’ve posted a PDF version here, Remembering, with the text following. I am so thankful that God is faithful to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.


A small child about eight months of age hung over her father’s forearm like a half-filled bag of grain, legs and feet hanging down on one side and arms, hands and head on the other. As a pair of motherly looking ladies passed, one of them whispered, “Doesn’t he know how to carry a baby?” Yes, he knew. He also knew from some experience that this was definitely the position of choice for this particular child, perhaps an early indication of her propensity for “thinking outside the box.” The child was Ruby Diane Renich, the third daughter of John and Eileen Renich. She and her father were returning from their regular twice-weekly visit to the therapy and rehabilitation department of the Los Angeles (California) County’s public health service. A recent bout with polio had crippled the child’s left arm, leaving it almost useless. The therapy brought no improvement, but as the child grew she learned to adapt to her limitation and compensate for it in many ways. At this time her mother was a patient in a rehabilitation hospital some thirty miles away seeking recovery from the ravages of a much more severe attack of polio. The mother’s life had been spared, we firmly believe, in answer to the earnest prayers of many Christian friends.
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Miscellaneous Updates

We’ve blogged little of late. There has been a lot going on, even above and beyond the normal busyness which of course accompanies a household of six, esp when 4 of those are under the age of 7! Here’s an abbreviated, but illustrated recap of some of what we have been doing the last few weeks:

celebrating Jonathan’s 5th birthday with friends and family.

enjoying Baby Josiah’s beautiful smiles:

learning to give in-house haircuts to our boys (well, Jay is doing the hard work of cutting – I can only take credit for the photography!)

visiting with our Cousin Peg from Connecticut, who was in Dallas and not only had supper with us, but also got to meet several new family members – what fun we had!!

hosting a jammie party for Abigail’s 7th, complete with 17 of her fellow first graders, pizza, pillows, and the Aristocats.

taking in some wildlife with Abigail’s school class – this was Jay’s first time chaperoning a field trip and according to Mrs. Beller, his extensive memory from growing up in the Pacific Islands really enhanced the class’ experience at the Dallas World Aquarium. yes folks, it would appear that he remembers the name of every fish and sea creature God ever created!!

observing Nicolas plant his first kiss on a much older woman (yes, we’ll be keeping on eye on our little Romeo!) Thanks, Cynthia, for being such a good sport about it!

Supper Troubles

It is a bit of a disappointment, when upon going to check on your supper simmering nicely in the crockpot….

Which you added to the plugged-in crockpot several hours ago,

That you spent lots of time chopping and mixing together a little before that,

Because you wanted to enjoy a warm, homemade potato soup with your family on a chilly day,

And after all, you had several potatoes on hand which needed to be used,

And you even threw in the remnants of the bottle of Chardonnay that was opened a few nights ago (Because we all know that recipes just taste that much better with a bit of wine added in!)

….to find that the supposed-to-be-simmering soup is not simmering. Not exactly. And truthfully, it’s not quite yet hot. Or, patient reader, even the tiniest bit warm. Because for whatever reason, the outlet you’d plugged your trusty crockpot into IS NOT WORKING!! Bummer.

Cold potato soup with crunchy, uncooked potatoes and other veggies doesn’t sound as appealing as the warm and cooked variety. So, I’ve moved the crockpot to a different spot on the kitchen counter, picked a new outlet, and plugged the soup in. For real. At this rate it should be done by about 10:00 tonight. Which, to look on the positive side of all this, means I’ll have supper ready for tomorrow evening with no additional effort on my part.

But tonight, dear readers, we shall dine on omelets!!

What sort of meal (whether cooked or uncooked!) are you enjoying at your supper table??