We’ve had a few requests for Halloween photos from family members far away. So… here they are: Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore. Plus, our own Cinderella, although you would be among the majority if you instead assumed she was dressing up as a beautiful bride…most of the compliments she received today indicated so! I think one my favorite shots is of Jonathan pouting with the pumpkins…he did not want me to take his picture!

The first few photos you will see are from early in the day, both at home and at Abigail and Jonathan’s preschool. They both enjoyed fall parties with their classes. Then later today, all five of us ventured out around our neighborhood, and even made it over to Grammy and Grandy’s neighborhood to finish out our evening with them. I am sorry to say that we’re experiencing very warm weather for this late in the year so our furry friends were rather overheated by the time the trick-r-treating was at an end!! But we had a really fun time nonetheless!

Mantel Decor Through the Eyes of a 4 Year-Old

One evening last week while preparing supper I noticed Abigail had pulled our kitchen step stool up in front of the fireplace and was piling an motley assortment of toys and personal items up on the mantel. IMG_2485_DCE_small.jpgThere wasn’t a ton of room for her to work with given the collection of spool candleholders and various other candles, a couple pumpkins, and our resident oil painting. Despite this handicap, she managed to add quite a large amount of extras to the already reasonably full mantel.

When Abigail noticed I was watching her she proudly informed me, “Mommy, I’m helping you…I’m decorating for Christmas!!” She was so pleased that she was able to contribute to the family in a way that she had often seen her Mommy work. (My decorating efforts are feeble at best, but then I didn’t have as early a start as Abigail!)

We took a picture of her finished work which we are terming “Preschool Eclectic”. You may or may not be able to see the details, but some of the components of this particular decorating scheme include Bob the Tomato, a “Duckie” washcloth, plastic squeeky doggie toy, and purple Beanie Bear. Please also note that she cleverly added her last year’s school name tag so that everyone would know who was behind this cutting edge decor!! Try it on for size at your own house if you like!

Fighting mad

Here’s Psalm 78:65-66 as found in the NIV:
  Then the Lord awoke as from sleep,
    as a man wakes from the stupor of wine.
  He beat back his enemies;
    he put them to everlasting shame.

Here’s the same passage from the ESV:
  Then the Lord awoke as from sleep,
    like a strong man shouting because of wine.
  And he put his adversaries to rout;
    he put them to everlasting shame.

And the NASB:
  Then the Lord awoke as if from sleep,
    Like a warrior overcome by wine.
  He drove His adversaries backward;
    He put on them an everlasting reproach.

How about the KJV:
  Then the LORD awaked as one out of sleep,
    and like a mighty man that shouteth by reason of wine.
  And he smote his enemies in the hinder parts:
    he put them to a perpetual reproach.

Did the NIV really get it that wrong? If so, how? I generally hear very positive feedback on the NIV’s translation of the Psalms. I can’t help but guess that someone didn’t like the Lord being compared to an imbibing warrior.


Driving back from church a little earlier this evening, Abigail and I had the following conversation. Now, admittedly, this is not a word for word transcription. However, I believe every phrase is an accurate representation of what was said… I just can’t remember every single phrase spoken.

Jay: Abigail, who does God save?

Abigail: All who have faith in Jesus.

J: That’s right! And do you know what it means to have faith in Jesus?

A: What.

J: It means to trust Jesus to forgive your sins, and to pay the penalty for your sins. That sort of thing.

A: But Dad… Dad, I think I have a bubble in my tummy, so we probably shouldn’t talk anymore.

J: What???

A: I have a bubble in my tummy and it doesn’t feel good. I think I have gasoline. Gasoline… that’s no fun. Dad do you have gasoline in your tummy sometimes?

J: Uh, well, something like that…

A: Once, when I was three, I had gasoline, but then I made a putt putt and felt better.


Well, everyone, it’s time!! One year ago yesterday we started up our joint blog, House of Horne. It took much urging and encouragement on the part of my patient husband and webmaster but I am so glad he kept at it! This past year I’ve really appreciated the little outlet our blog offers. Friends and family literally around the world have told us they enjoy reading our little snippets and seeing the photos we post.

So I am here to say thank you to all our faithful readers. You cannot imagine what a treat it is to hear out of the blue from someone that he/she visits our blog! We always enjoy discovering a new reader or flushing out a lurker.

Given we are celebrating our first blogaversary, I have a proposal: we’d love to continue to learn who our readers are. In that spirit, would you do us a huge favor and if you aren’t too shy, hit the comment button to say hello and let us know you visit the humble House of Horne? Please don’t let the fact that you might have entered a comment or two in the past stop you. The more, the merrier!! We look forward to your feedback and thanks a bunch!!

Trials with Toes

Life was getting dull around here (ha-ha), so I decided to stir up things a bit. It was perhaps a painful way to do it, but it has made things more interesting, to say the least. What exactly did I do, you ask?? Well, I broke my little pinky toe on my left foot: snapped it like a twig in fact.

You can pretty much be sure your toe is broken when after you stub it really hard, you look down to see it sticking out from your foot at a 65+ degree angle. How disheartening. It was enough to make me cry, more from sheer and utter frustration than pain, though the pain was certainly there too. I think the thing that was most annoying to me beside the obvious inconvenience is that I did the same exact thing to the pinky toe on my right foot five and a half years ago. That time the toe stuck out almost to a 90 degree angle and I broke it when I made contact in the wrong way with my dog’s leg. No, I did not kick the poor animal; I tripped on him!

When I broke the toe yesterday it was no amazing sports injury, just a bad interaction with a plastic Little Tikes slide that I tried to walk past too quickly and obviously, too closely! This time in the emergency room there were no numbing shots before the doctor manipulated my poor toe. I recalled from my last broken toe experience that the shots were much more painful than the break and was determined I would not allow the medical personnel to torture me in the same way again. Instead I opted for them to “set” the toe minus the anesthesia. Well…..that hurt……a bit.

The doctor tried to talk to me about staying off my feet but after I laughed and informed him that I am the Mommy of three children aged four and younger he just told me to do my best not to overdo it. And thanks to some wonderful help from some wonderful folk, life has gone on fairly smoothly. Jay, despite heavy work commitments and critical meetings and presentations all this week due to Nortel’s periodic User Groups, raced home immediately when I first called him to take me to the Emergency Room. What a blessing to have him with me throughout the most painful part of my ordeal. Mommy/Grammy Horne has helped tremendously with several aspects of child care and transportation to various activities, greatly supplementing in Jay’s unavoidable absences due to work. Our friend Kimberly took Abigail with her earlier today to do some grocery shopping for us and after she returned, she made lunch for all of us and saw that we were settled for naps. We had several additional offers of help which I actually turned down because we were really ok. So thanks to all of you who were ready and willing…how comforting and encouraging to know there are many people who care for us so tangibly.

As for me, after two seriously broken toes in a few years’ time, I am contemplating the wisdom of wearing shoes around the house from here on out, but have no firm plans toward that end. Sorry, Jay!!!

Dinosaur Chat

Recently, Abigail’s preschool class has been studying a unit on dinosaurs. While we are impressed with how much she has learned about these animals, the concept of “extinct” seems to have eluded her, at least so far. How do I know this? Just listen in on the conversation we had today at our lunch table. My, my.

A: Mommy, sometime can I buy a Triceratops in dinosaur land?

M: What???

A: I would like to buy a Triceratops, because I’ve never done that before.

M: And what exactly do you suppose you would do with a Triceratops?

A: Well, I could take him on a little walk, and teach him how to play. That would be fun.

M: MmmHmmm. And where would this dinosaur live?

A: Oh, he can live in our backyard. That’d be good.

M: Oh.

Jonathan (Jumping into this interesting conversation): Could I buy one sometimes too, Mommy? That will be fun.

A: Actually, I think the Triceratops would be lonely so we should get a Mommy and a baby. Then they will be happy together.

(By this point, Mommy is speechless, but is thinking quietly to herself that the pony Mark Dishman keeps promising to send us to keep in our backyard sounds really good!!)