Our Teeny Ballerina


What fun it was to watch Abigail’s performance in her second ballet recital. In addition to Jay and I, Grammy and Grandy Horne, Nana Brunone, and Aunt Sandy came to see Abigail dance.

After taking ballet for just a few short months last year at our community center, Abigail begged us this year to “get to go back to dancing class”. After some searching (most schools aren’t accepting new students in March) we were able to enroll her for the last 2 1/2 months of the school year at Tuzer Ballet, where she was in a small class of little girls taking 45 minutes of ballet and 15 minutes of tap. To say she enjoyed herself is putting it quite mildly! While it is highly enjoyable for her to attend, we also know the exercise and dancing movement is great for her physically and it is exciting to us to watch her engage in something she really likes to do.

Firefighting According to Abigail

As I tucked Abigail into bed and was about to sing her a goodnight song I got us into one of those deep conversations…

Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Abigail: A firefighter.

Mommy: Really�why?

Abigail: B/c when fires come to the houses, then I can clean them up and spray them.

Mommy: Oh.

Abigail: But you have to keep the windows closed.

Mommy: Ohhh�why?

Abigail: Because the water, when you spray it, it will ruin the carpet.

Mommy: Indeed?

Abigail: Yes, so when you have a fire at your house remember to keep the windows closed so when the firefighters come and spray the water it will make your house all clean.

Biology according to Abigail

A few days ago, I was trimming Abigail’s fingernails and received the following lesson on how our bodies function.

*Gasp!* “You almost got the blood. I need the blood inside me so it can splash me and I can stay healthy.”

Pause, as she lifted her hand and put it on her chest.

“My heart is beeping. Is your heart beeping, Daddy?”

Three Cheers for Our Lovely Graduate!

Though this congratulations is a bit tardy, the intended recipient will no doubt be forgiving considering the whirlwind of activity which has accompanied the last several days surrounding her triumphant moment.

IMG_1442_small.jpgIt is my distinct delight and honor to announce that after 8 years of hard work and dedication, my little sis Sandy has graduated from college. We are all immensely proud of her and her accomplishments, especially as she has held a full time job for seven out of those eight years in order to be able to continue to economically facilitate her schooling. She has balanced a full time job which often has made very high demands on her time with a the rigors of an undergraduate degree and excelled at both.

Anyway, it was a really full weekend; our parents dropped in from Saudi and our grandmother from Atlanta even flew in for the ceremonies! We have some pictures to share for those interested (to be posted shortly).

Great job, Sandy, we are very proud of you!!! May your ongoing job search be very successful!! That’s the beginning of a whole other story, I’m thinking….