Cogito Ergo Gone

For those who care, Cogito Ergo Blog is no more. Tricia and I are consolidating our collective efforts into a family website. There is still a good bit of work to do (for instance, the archive by author doesn’t work yet), but I wanted to go ahead and publish the new site so I would be motivated to finish it.

The color scheme and formatting will probably change several times in the coming weeks… and we need a name! Any ideas? We’ve been over a bunch of clever plays on the word “Horne”, but to be honest, they aren’t very clever.

Adult Christian Education

My church will soon have access to better classroom facilities and is taking the opportunity to think through our approach to adult Sunday School. A fairly open-ended committee (in terms of participation) has been formed and a questionnaire was sent to all those participating to ensure reasonable preparation prior to the first meeting. I ended up writing a very brief paper prior to actually addressing the questions themselves.

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I’ve been playing around with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It is really quite remarkable. After only about 5 minutes of training, it is able to track with my voice extremely accurately. I’m trying to learn to use a mix of my mouse and voice to create text very rapidly. The only trick is learning all the voice commands. Though they’re very intuitive, there are about a million of them and it is taking some time.

As you might have guessed, I “wrote” this entry with a microphone.